Bush is a quaint town in St. Tammany Parish, just 20 miles north of Tamanend. I wrote about the fantastic Wild Bush Farm and Vineyard in last month’s post. The town is worth mentioning again, as it has a variety of activities and events to enjoy in May.

Bushelful #1 – Around the Town

We love anything crawfish on the Northshore, and that includes the Crawfishman Triathlon. This year’s race is set for Sunday, May 22, 7:30 a.m. With a course running along scenic country roads, the Crawfishman Triathlon features 1,000-meter and 400-meter swim options. The bike course is an in-and-back 18 miles, and participants will finish with a jaunty four-mike run. Whether you participate, cheer someone on or simply want to enjoy the community spirit, you will have a fun outing. To register for the race, click here.

Bushelful #2 – Down for Blueberry Picking

While the season doesn’t kick off until late May, get ready to have those lovely blue-stained fingers and endless deliciousness. One of my favorite places to pick those beautiful baby blues is Bachman Blueberries. The farm supplies buckets and bags; be sure to pack plenty of water and sunscreen. While you wait for the opening day announcement, take a look at these recipes with blueberries as the star ingredient here.

The Bogalusa Balloon Festival is a delight to experience!

Bushelful #3 – Up in the Air

Okay, this third bushelful is not in Bush, however it is just 13 miles north in Bogalusa. During the weekend of May 19-22, things will be up in the air at the Bogalusa Balloon Festival, with hot-air balloon shows throughout the weekend. The event includes live music on Saturday, and both weekend days offer a true fest with crafts, food and carnival for the entire family.

St. Tammany Parish has so many cool towns to explore. Bush (and Bogalusa) are both a bushelful of fun, and that is with a capital B!