Last month I recommended three French Quarter restaurants to try. This month, it’s all about three amazing museums.

Second to None

National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum is a must-see when visiting New Orleans.

Who would have thought a museum all about World War II would be the #1 tourist attraction in New Orleans? According to TripAdvisor, it is! I must admit I had no idea how memorable my visit to The National WWII Museum would be. The presentation of the exhibits, along with the awe-inspiring narratives provided by those who were there, are unlike any other place I have experienced. Plan to spend the good part of a day touring the galleries; definitely a must-see.

Yes, We Have NOMA Photos

If you have yet to visit the New Orleans Museum of Art, now is the perfect time. NOMA has a superb exhibit celebrating photography with Past Present Future: Building Photography. This three-part presentation includes a recreation of a groundbreaking 1918 show at the Delgado Museum of Art (later renamed NOMA). The second part includes works acquired within the past seven years of diverse cultural perspectives of the world. The final section consists of works promised to the institution.

Get Jazzed Up

I highly recommend the New Orleans Jazz Museum, as it is a very special nod to the city’s music culture. Ideally located in the French Quarter in an area surrounded by live music performances, it features over 25,000 pieces, including sheet music, recordings, instruments and other artifacts pertaining to the growth of jazz in New Orleans. The museum boasts a performing arts center to showcase musicians, historians and guest speakers. Even if jazz is not your go-to music choice, you will enjoy the rich history of the music that defines New Orleans.

Whether you want to increase your knowledge or simply enjoy an afternoon looking at really cool things, these three, distinct museums are just the ticket. No matter which one you visit (or perhaps all three), you will gain knowledge that will come in handy during a trivia contest!