As a continuation of last month’s post, I took a short drive to Gulfport recently to experience the town. With food and drink covered, here are three fun spots to make for a complete day.*

Fun Spot 1:  Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum

I love discovering museums that offer a unique spin on art. This place features dozens of model trains, trails and scenes to fascinate just about anyone. It boasts the largest LEGO railroad display in the entire state, which makes it worth the trip alone. You can even ride one of the outdoor trains to cap off the tour. While I am not a typical model train enthusiast, this one was “right on track.” For more details, click here.

Fun Spot 2:  Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

sting ray in tank pool

You want me to touch what?

I have seen plenty of aquarium attractions in my time, however this place deserved a look. The focus in on research and learning, with the byproduct of having a variety of shows for the general public. I was lucky enough to catch both the dolphin and sea lion shows, and yes, I followed that up with petting a stingray! The Institute and its Ocean Adventures Marine Park offer summer camps and hands-on opportunities for kids. Check out their list of adventures here.

Fun Spot 3:  World’s Largest Rocking Chair


No rocking allowed! This rocker is one to be seen, not sat (on).

The cherry on top of any adventure is to visit one “cheesy” landmark attraction. Gulfport has one, even though it actually serves as a giant billboard for a furniture store. The chair measures 35 feet tall, and although it is touted to be the world’s largest, you need only ask several other towns throughout the country of who owns that title. While Gulfport’s chair is not listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, it is definitely worth a photo.

These three attractions, combined with the food and drink at Half Shell Oyster House and Chandeleur Island Brewing Company, make for a good time. After all, it says on the city’s website they are “geared for a good time.” Yes, indeed.

*Note: The author’s visit to Gulfport was made in late February, prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic temporary closures.