Every time I am in New Orleans, I get excited thinking about where I would eat my ideal meal. With so many choices, it would have to include favorites from three places.

Entree – Savory Sandwich

First square - sandwich

The muffuletta at Central Grocery is simply the best.

I am not an olive person or a big sandwich kind of gal. However, the ultimate breakfast, lunch or dinner entree is definitely a muffuletta. And, the best place to get one doesn’t even qualify as a restaurant. Central Grocery is a third-generation, old-fashioned store that features local favorites. So, what makes the muffuletta here so superior? It may be the delicious bread or the specific amount of olive spread. I really don’t have a clue. It just is.

Dessert – Spectacularly Sweet

Dessert should be enjoyed any time during the day, perhaps even before your entree. There is no judging in New Orleans. Of course, you would assume my favorite dessert is beignets, but in this city, I put bread pudding at the top. But why stop there? Take the time to try out Boucherie‘s take on the dessert with its famous Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Suffice it to say, you may be in a sugar coma afterward, but it is the most delectable treat to ever experience.

Beverage – Decadent Drink

Hotel Monteleone is on Royal Street in the French Quarter

Oh, yes! Head on down this road to the best Vieux Carre in town.

So many enticing beverages, and so little time. Yes, NOLA is known for imbibing. Yet, us creative cocktailers prefer something beyond the typical Hurricane. Once I tried the Vieux Carre years ago at the Hotel Monteleone Carousel Bar, I always “spin” by there when in the Quarter. This drink was created at the hotel back in the 1930s, and it just resonates all that is the Crescent City. Be careful with your order, as they have a heavy pour.

In New Orleans, it is hard to go wrong with a great meal. And if you seek out the best for each course, you will be just right!