As I reported in last month’s post, my most recent visit to Mandeville resulted in starting out with a big breakfast. You would think that meal would suffice my energy needs for the day, however I had to take advantage of the outrageously delicious food this town offers. But first, some calorie burning!


Nature is calling at Northlake Nature Center.

Stop #1 – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

I cannot believe I have missed this incredible place until now. Right across the street from Fontainebleau State Park is Northlake Nature Center. The park covers 400 acres, with miles of nature trails. Having just walked at Fontainebleau, I opted for the short Eagle Trail. Even though it was less than a mile, I saw osprey, ducks and plenty of other wildlife. The Center offers activities for all ages. It is worth a stop on your itinerary!

Stop #2 – Street Shopping

If there is one street to hit for unique boutiques and shops, it is Girod Street. I still don’t know how to pronounce the street name, however I do know how to spend a couple of hours browsing and buying here. The street is simply lovely for a stroll as you move from one shop to another. Be sure to check out Cameo, Tallulah’s Vintage Market and Das Schulerhaus Gift Gallery. I admit I parted with a “few” dollars on the afternoon I visited.

Stop #3 – Just One More Bite


No judgment! Okay, I ate the entire meal.

After being one with nature and shopping, I somehow started to feel hunger pangs (more likely desire pangs). While I ate like a piggie earlier in the day, the thought of scrumptious, fresh seafood kept entering my thoughts. Enter the thought of Mandeville Seafood Market, and enter is what I did. I was craving shrimp, however why stop at that when an entire platter of catfish, shrimp, oysters and crab are offered? Needless to say, I perhaps overate.

My day came to an end in Mandeville, yet I know I will be back soon. How can one stay away too long from such a charmed place?