I have been traveling to many wonderful towns during my venturing out to St. Tammany Parish. It was time to embark on yet another never-before-seen town, and my finger landed on the map at Folsom. I must admit, when I first heard that St. Tammany Parish had a town called Folsom, all I could think of was that song by Johnny Cash. How delighted I was that this Folsom was nothing like that!

I had the opportunity to visit two exciting places this day. Located in the northwest corner of the parish, Folsom has several equestrian farms, and plenty of options to ride horseback. I came upon Sunflower Farm and Ranch, a perfect setting to enjoy a morning ride. Fortunately, I had a tame horse, so the ride was downright relaxing.

horses at Sunflower Farms

Now which one am I riding?

With the proclaimed title of “horse country,” perhaps that’s why one of the area’s largest fundraisers is all about these beautiful animals. The Harvest Cup Polo Classic, now in its 22nd year, benefits the charitable causes of the Junior League of Greater Covington. The event is coming up on Sunday, October 21, so I may be making a return trip!

Animals at Global Wildlife Center

When they say you’ll get up close and personal with the animals, that is no exaggeration!

Another great must-see in Folsom is the Global Wildlife Center, a 900-acre, free-roaming safari park. While you are in a covered-wagon vehicle, I was a little intimidated at first getting so close to all the animals. I saw camels, zebras, deer, llamas and giraffes. One of the camels nuzzled my head, which was a bit startling. Who would have thought such a huge safari park would be in a small town in Louisiana? If you are anywhere in the area, make sure you plan a few hours here.

The town (or village as the locals refer to it), is noted as St. Tammany’s best-kept secret. Once the word gets out about Folsom, it won’t be a secret much longer. Like all the places in St. Tammany Parish, Folsom has so many cool things to see and do. And, you won’t feel blue at all while you’re here!