With the New Year upon us, I typically post a year-end review. We all know it has been another interesting year, to say the least. For this year’s “reflection,” I turn my thoughts on Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC). The college’s main campus is located at Tamanend, with a focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This amazing educational institution anchors the Innovation District, with two buildings and outdoor classroom. There is so much to appreciate about NTCC, including these three notable highlights:

NTCC Main Campus at Tamanend

Tamanend is home to NTCC’s main campus.

The Approach

Beginning with Chancellor Dr. William Wainwright, NTCC’s focus is on workforce development and training. Dr. Wainwright is keenly aware of the challenges that area businesses face. The college curriculum is intentional, with associate degrees, technical diplomas and certificates offered for students to have a competitive edge. NTCC prides itself on implementing innovative solutions to ensure their students are prepared while meeting changing talent needs.

The Scholarships

As the college continues to grow, both in student enrollment and campus size, so does the need for student financial assistance. At the 2021 Chancellor’s Sunrise Breakfast in April, 36 scholarships were awarded for new and returning students. In addition to other scholarships, including three new endowment ones announced in December, a variety of other financial assistance opportunities were awarded. Plus, the Third Annual Gator Tail Trail Run, presented by Tamanend, raised additional funds for students.

The Community Outreach

NTCC Mechatronics Mobile Lab

You can learn about STEM on the road!

When Hurricane Ida took its toll on the Northshore, NTCC quickly responded, providing free DIY classes for home repairs and recovery, including electrical, drywall repair and flooring installation. Food drives and blood drives were held throughout the year to address the needs of the Parish. The NTCC Mechatronics Mobile Lab visited several schools, festivals and events to spread the STEM message. These are just a few examples of how the reach is well beyond the campus for faculty, staff and students.

Students return for the spring semester on January 19, 2022. At Tamanend, we look forward to another successful semester of learning, both in and out of the classroom!