You have read here before how much I like to visit Slidell. It is such a cool town, and I sometimes feel it does not get the respect it deserves. I decided to slide into the Camellia City for a day of fun.

Stop One – Hot (and Cold) Food


Look at these beautiful veggies!

It was Saturday, so of course I had to start my day off with a hearty breakfast. Which means, I HAD to start at Big Easy Diner. While the diner has an extensive menu of breakfast options, my go-to is a hamburger and onion rings. This place lets you order lunch items for breakfast! Now satiated, it was time to slide over to the Camellia City Farmers Market for more food. I picked up a ton of goodies, so thank goodness I had my cooler with me, along with some very early Christmas gifts (if I don’t decide to keep for myself). The market is open every Saturday, 8 a.m. to noon. Get there early for the best pickings (pun intended).

Stop Two – Cool Stuff to Warm the Heart

Just about every time I visit Slidell, I stop in at Lulu’s Almost New, a used furniture and accessories store. What makes Lulu’s so unique is the inspiration ideas they offer on what would typically be thought of as junk. The store is truly an example of one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. I left with a yellow bookcase, that with some new paint and baskets, will be a great storage and display piece in my guest bedroom.

Stop Three – A Heated Exchange

I had made plans to walk Tammany Trace with a friend who calls Slidell home. Forgetting at the time of making the date it was the dead of summer, I made my way to the trailhead off Highway 190. Suffice it to say the 2.5-mile roundtrip from Slidell to Camp Salmen Nature Park was enough in August. Tammany Trace is the perfect place to spend time with a friend to catch up and get in your exercise. We didn’t actually get into a heated exchange; however, we might have had we gone further as she wanted. I was overheated and my lunch-for-breakfast had worn off.

These three stops just scratch the surface of the fun to be had in Slidell. The good news is that there are 51 other Saturdays in the year!