As we close out this year of a global pandemic, economic constraints and overall increased stresses, it is easy to focus on the negatives over the past 12 months. While it may be challenging to think of the positives, it makes it easier when you think about our favorite place, St. Tammany Parish. Here are just eight examples:


Beautiful holiday lights shine brightly throughout St. Tammany Parish. Photo courtesy of Joanie Johnston of

  1. The Residents – The people who live in St. Tammany Parish seem to share one common trait, a true sense of community. The Golden Rule definitely is evident here.
  2. Healthcare Heroes – Physicians, nurses, technicians, administrators and other staff members all wore invisible capes this year. True superheroes!
  3. First Responders – Thank you, thank you, thank you to these unstoppable folks! We vote for a First Responders Year in 2021, instead of the typical day or week.
  4. Essential Businesses – Grocery stores, pharmacies and all other essential businesses kept us stocked and safe for our WFH and virtual schooling.
  5. St. Tammany Parish School System – We applaud all schools, including private and charter, too. We give the public school system a special shout-out here due to its geographic area, population served and logistics expertise.
  6. Our Business Community – Local businesses and other organizations continually pulled together for the greater good of the parish (as they always seem to do).
  7. The Visitor’s Bureau – Louisiana Northshore had the challenging task of promoting our parish in the midst of a statewide shutdown. Might we say they did so in a fantastic manner, and continually kept us apprised of everything current on the Northshore.
  8. Holiday Festivities – The show must go on, and while we had some adjustments and reconfigurations, we had plenty of opportunities to enjoy the spirit of the season.

While this list could be longer, suffice it to say we experienced many positives this year on the Northshore. Cheers to 2021!